Department of Computer Science Engineering

The department was established in the year 2007 with an intake of 60. The main aim is to meet the growing demand for qualified technical personnel in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. Later the P.G course started in the year 2010 with an intake of 18.

The Department has well qualified, experienced and committed faculty members, with research works in the field of Computer Science includes Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Data Mining and Warehousing etc... The Department has well established state-of-the-art laboratories with sophisticated equipment to support all academic needs of the students.

Industry experts are periodically invited to give lectures and demonstrations to the students toupdate contemporary skills and advanced technologiesin cutting-edge domains . In order to improve Institute-industry interaction, the students are exposed to real-time experience by having internships and hands-on experience in application development process.

Transform the students into highly competent IT professionals with problem solving, design and programming skills by practicing ever changing technologies with ethics by pedagogy(promoting excellence in teaching, learning and research).

M1: Enhance the student's knowledge through interactive instruction, with experimental learning, innovative methods in teaching and Learning to sustain global competition.

M2: Conducting skill development programs in emerging technologies in order to serve the needs of industry, society and scientific community.

M3: Providing problem solving skills and hands-on experience by imparting quality education

M4:Making Industry-ready students by means of collaborating with IT Industries and innovative research.

M5: Encourage the students to choose various inter-disciplinary courses and design thinking approaches , and thereby imparting project management skills and developing an attitude for lifelong learning along with ethical values.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the department in tune with the Vision and Mission of the department are:

PEO1: To provide basic knowledge to the graduates on computers, Science,Engineering and Technology uses basic sciences along with good communication.

PEO2:To produce graduates who can demonstrate technical competence in the field of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology to develop the solutions to complex problems ,.

PEO3: : To develop amongst students the capacity to figure, formulate, analyze and solve real life problems confronted in Software Enterprises.

PEO4: To exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, and ability to collaborate in their careers to the current trends through lifelong learning.

PEO5:To produce graduates who could be able to take individual responsibility and work as a part of team towards the fulfillment of both individual and organizational goals.

PSO1: : should be able to understand the concept of computer science and engineeringand its applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence, web applications and cloud computing.

PSO2: :should have an ability to apply technical knowledge and usage of modern hardware and software tools related to computer science and engineering to solve real world problems.

PSO3: :should have the capability to analyze, comprehend, design and develop computer systems for a variety of engineering applications and thus demonstrating professional ethics and concern for societal well being.