Evaluation of student performance-ECE

As per the JNTUA, the student performance is evaluated in two ways
 (1) Mid Semester Examination Evaluation process  
(2) End Examination Evaluation process
12.1 Mid Semester Examination Evaluation Process: As per the academic regulations stipulated by JNTUA, the performance of a student in each semester shall be evaluated subject wise with a maximum of 100 marks for theory and 100 marks for practical subject. Internship shall be evaluated for 50 marks each & Project shall be evaluated for 200 marks whereas mandatory courses with no credits shall be evaluated for 30 mid semester marks.
a) For theory subjects the distribution shall be 30 marks for mid semester Evaluation and 70 marks for the End-Examination.
b) For practical subjects the distribution shall be 30 marks for mid semester Evaluation and 70 marks for the End- Examination.
c) If any subject is having both theory and practical components, they will be evaluated separately as theory subject and practical subject.
However, they will be given same subject code with an extension of ‘T’ for theory subject and ‘P’ for practical subject
12.2 End Examination Evaluation process
a) A student shall be eligible to appear for university external examinations if he/she acquires a minimum of 40% attendance in each subject and 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects.
b) Condonation of shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% (65% and above and below 75%) in each semester may be granted by the College Academic Committee.
c) Shortage of Attendance below 65% in aggregate shall in NO CASE be condoned.
d) A stipulated fee shall be payable towards condonation of shortage of attendance to the Institution.
e) Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any semester are not eligible to take their end examination of that class and their registration shall stand cancelled.
f) A student will not be promoted to the next semester unless he satisfies the attendance requirements of the present semester. They may seek readmission for that semester when offered next.