Department of Sciences and Humanities

As family bears in upbringing and nurturing a child to stand, walk and speak, we, in Sciences & Humanities Department develop a bridge from Sciences to Technology for the students of first year. The department comprises of four major disciplines namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The prime focus of the department is to provide a conceptual knowledge of basic sciences and mathematics which lays a foundation to the engineering subjects and is instrumental in tending the students into competent engineers and individuals through training in Soft Skills, to compete for global opportunities. In view of the rapid development of knowledge and the technological changes, the department seeks to strengthen itself by integrating with the engineering department for a productive knowledge base. The department has been conducting workshops and seminars to enable the faculty to keep side by side of the knowledge and methodologies in the respective fields of research.

Mathematics and Physical Sciences are the foundation for all engineering courses of various engineering disciplines. Also, it provides strong base for the problem solving and analytical thinking which all engineers require. All offered courses comprise of mathematical methods and techniques that are useful in almost all branches of engineering. Mathematics is an integral part of various engineering branches.

All engineers need to formulate practical engineering problems in mathematical terms. They must be capable of solving the mathematical models, if necessary, with the aid of a computer to interpret the solutions and understand the practical implications.

To make Sciences and Humanities department a model of excellence in the interdisciplinary scenario of diversified engineering field through inculcating knowledge of Applied Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Allied Sciences, Engineering Fundamentals and Professional Ethics with Soft Skills and Communicative Approach, so that the graduates can thrive and contribute to an everchanging global challenge.

M1: Committed in creating and proclaiming knowledge to the students hailed from both rural and urban areas.

M2: To make students understand, analyze and apply fundamental knowledge in their respective programmes of various areas of engineering and technology.

M3: To unveil the inherent capabilities of the students and thereby encouraging to work creatively with relevance to real- world problems.

M4:To impart value-based education by focusing towards discipline, ethics and character building in the global scenario.